Investment Options

Investment Options It is everyone’s desire to make extra or more money. You earn regular money from your job or business. A well thought of investment option can give you that extra money which helps you in meeting your life’s goal. Market is full of investment options. Some are short term while others are long (more…)

You will be doomed as a stock trader if

You ignore your stock trading plan and start trading arbitrarily. You think you are above your plan. You are 100% sure about your trades and don’t place any stop loss. You let your stop losses pass and start finding reasons to hold on to a trade. Eventually you close it with big loss. You start (more…)

Futures and Options trading know how

F&O in stock trading know how F&O (Futures and Options) in stock market trading allows you to buy/sell index or stocks by investing some % of the order value. You can sell the shares that you don’t own. Normally to buy shares, you have to pay 100%. Further to sell, you need to have shares (more…)

How to become a good trader

– Trend is friend To make serious money in the financial market, it is necessary to trade in the direction of trend. It is very obvious isn’t it? However most difficult to practice. Those who can achieve it, will make fortunes. Develop your method to identify trend and follow it. Nothing is perfect but what (more…)